Consultations & Services

LANDCARE: If you have an interest in learning more about sacred tree care and mineralization practices, cultural burning, woodland and forest tending (fir mimicry), I am happy to visit and discuss options with you.

CULTURAL BURNING: If you are considering the application of healthy fire on the lands you caretake, I am happy to help you consider your options and support you in the right directions.


CONSCIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH HORSES, CAMELS, or other animals – dogs, cats, chickens (chooks/roosters), cows, goats, geese, kangaroo, emu, parrots, etc: If you’re looking for a different effective approach to working with animals, I’m happy to discuss your situation before explaining how I might help…


For more info please peruse Resources and Activities to see the growing list of offerings.

Contact Stuart @………………..Phone: (04) 9999 4738

I consult locally (NSW Northern Rivers region), Australia-wide, and world-wide.