Fiji Cyclone Relief Effort


aa02a6e1b954728ed7f8a1525a957433The Vision of Fear-No-More partnered with 53 donors from around the world             to help families in a remote island village in the deep, blue, tropical, Koro Sea, Fiji.

LATEST  UPDATE: June 21, 2016 – Update from Susie Bagshaw, Naitauba Island:   “Dear Stuart, and everyone who has helped with the Ciqomi village relief fundraiser… Finally here is another update from me (excuse my tardiness), together with some pictures of the kids at the school with their BIG THANK YOU message !

Master Fifita & Mistress Wale

Master Fifita, Mistress Wale

“Everyone is so incredibly grateful for all your help. Houses are restocked, and everyone in the village has good bedding and clothing, all due to your help. Kitchens are getting restocked with containers, cooking pots and pans, baking trays, cooking implements, cups, plates, cutlery.

“The school has, remarkably, kept going through all the thank you !!!upheaval, thanks to the excellent work of Headmaster Fifita, who calmly keeps the education of the kids progressing day by day. The kindergarten is looking very bright and very creative, with lots of paintings, thanks to paper and paints sent by New Zealand folks – thank you !

“All the mothers say thank you so very much for the children’s underwear and especially from those who lost their houses and belongings – “MANY MANY THANKS for the new uniforms and shoes for the children.”

“Much love and thanks to you all,

“Vinaka vaka levu from all of Ciqomi.      love, Susie”



Misttess Sala and class

Mistress Sala & Class

Thankyou from Primary 4

Thankyou from Primary 4




















The Vision of Fear-No-More warmly thanks everyone who participated in this relief effort for your generosity and care. You made a difference when it was needed!


Feb 20, 2016 – category 5 Cyclone Winston decimated large parts of the Fiji Islands, leaving many towns and villages completely ruined.

Naitauba in Cyclone's Eye

Naitauba in Cyclone’s Eye

As the cyclone was bearing down on Fiji we realized that everyone in the tropical island chain would soon be experiencing the dire effects of this serious storm, including those on the island of Naitauba, and the families and children living in Ciqomi (pronounced “Thengoume”) village.


Knowing that major infrastructure damage, and initial survival supplies of food and water, would be accounted for and addressed by the island’s administration, along with help from Fiji and International aid groups, we set up a small fundraiser to directly help the families with humble but essential house-hold needs – brand new mattresses, clothing, school items, footwear, household and kitchen items, and so on… basic things that help ensure some comfort and dignity during a trying time.

Ciqomi post Cyclone

Ciqomi post Cyclone

We raised a very helpful $14,000 (Fijian), sending this money directly to Ciqomi and the families there most in need.

Susie Bagshaw (UK), our person on the ground helping the funds get to where they’re needed, has been sending out brief reports, updates and photographs when she’s been able to (see below for these). Things in Fiji are gradually improving but it’s still pretty tough there – on all levels!

If you’re moved to help the people of Ciqomi further, please donate here, on the Naitauba website, and ear-mark your gift “Ciqomi” to be sure it gets to where you want it to go.

Thank you to everyone who has helped already,
Stuart Camps
The Vision of Fear-No-More
The Sacred Camel Gardens

Update from Susie Bagshaw, Naitauba – late March 2016

hi Stuart
wow… well i am just getting on line after a week, I got really sick, so I got behind in emails…! so now looking at my 100 emails!


Ladies and Mattresses

I am waiting on confirmation of receipt of funds (late March), but Regis gave the go ahead on the strength of your email and we got the first load of mattresses and pillows and bedding this week, on a ferry from Suva which came right to Naitauba before it goes to Vanuabalavu. (this is part of the govt relief plan for the northern Lau group as usually a ferry doesn’t come this way at all).

So all the families who lost their homes have now got good thick mattresses, sheets, pillows, for all the members of the family, and almost all the other families have them or they are coming on the next shipment in two weeks. We also got underwear for women children and men. We have more new underwear and T-shirts and so on coming for the older children also.



One of the main things needed by the mothers in the families that lost their houses or their roofs was their twin tub washing machines, with such big families the washing machine is one of life’s staples and a disaster when it breaks – so we got six of them. So much got soaked that the electrics were ruined in a lot of places, but Mika is repairing the village electricity and things are beginning to return to normal. Ciqomi is lucky in that all the houses have electricity and the big generator is working well.

All the houses that lost roofs are now covered with tarpaulins and roofs are being repaired and buildings are being repaired.



Ciqomi people are really really thrilled to be getting this help from everyone, can you please, please, thank all the people who donated, and a million thanks to you for organizing it all, and I will write a proper update with photos this week. forgive me for the week’s break. the body took a dive. but Isabel, my right hand lady, was doing the purchasing in Suva so that was a bonus, so she carried the flag for us.

And as a bonus we got a donation of clothing from associates and friends of Isabel, so we have spent all day sorting clothing for babies, kids and ladies, men tomorrow.

We now have a tarpaulin on the roof of the kindergarten which completely lost its roof and I taught the five kids there today = a new experience teaching in a tarpaulin covered building, it made me very much value what people are living all over the world these days in refugee camps. We are very lucky here in that it is warm (albeit at the moment still windy and wet, strange weather continues, but not very high winds). The kids are so funny though, if they have building blocks and plasticine they are happy happy.

I am keeping tabs on everything purchased and will let you have details. Please forgive me I have to go back to bed tonight, just recovering and we did a lot today.

with much love and thanks, Susie



Salaiwai Rosilomani

Salaiwai Rosilomani



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