Seminar – Nova Scotia – Nov 2016

Thank you Nathalie, and Julie, for hosting me for the two ‘ground-work’ seminars I taught there on Nov 5 and 6, and the evening of Nov 8, in 2016.

I had a wonderful time. You have an amazing place. All the participants were great to have involved! Wishing all of you there (horses and people) the very best!

View Sambea Farm.

The arena lighting was nominal for cameras, but here are some photos:

sunlight on Luna…

Jamie (left) and Valour, an amazing police horse, needing more connection

Stan (right) with Valour

AJ and Dorota (right)

leading from behind, with spectacular Luna

standing quietly with Luna

Delicious lunch with everyone! (apologies, Stan:)

c/o Sambea website – a view of the farm, and waterways…

… thank you, also, to Carolyn, Robin, Stormy, Adi Da, and all the camels, horses and moving, living, things I ever knew… none of us is an island…

And a very special thank you to Wendy Knowles who organized the two seminars, and everything around them!!!



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