Seminar – Trinidad, California – Aug 2017

On the weekend of Aug 5-6, 2017, nearly a dozen people gathered quietly with three horses. The days were beautiful, relaxed, and misty. The horses and people were wonderful, honest, and full of mystery.

At Odyssey Farm, a beautiful equine facility in McKinleyville (nth California), we considered together what a horse is.

What is a horse?

Or a camel?

Or a tree?

Attendees were interested in authentically connecting with horses, and all of nature. Some were “horse people”. Others not.

As in previous seminars, everyone seemed moved and touched by the new points of view generously shared during these provocative, inspiring, and sometimes challenging, events.

The responses these seminars draw from people are very positive overall. Participants receive a unique kind of instruction and guidance, potentially effecting real and positive changes in their outlooks toward horses, dogs, cats, chickens, camels, carrots, and whatever else… life in general.

The seminars are mysterious, dis-arming, practical, and empowering, for both humans and horses. In every seminar I lead I am also dis-armed, and re-inspired, by the vulnerable, powerful, life in each horse and human there.

I’ve met very few people who know how to say “hello” to a horse. It’s the most simple, elegant, thing to do. And it’s just the beginning of an entirely new adventure in how to be with horses, camels, each other.

Testimonial from Brian: I really appreciated the Heart of the Horse seminar by Stuart Camps at Odyssey Farms in McKinleyville California last weekend.  It was a seminar in the true sense of the word. It went directly to how to have better communication and a better relationship with your horse.

I consider myself a pretty practical horseman who values natural horsemanship principles. I have packed in the Marble Mountain Wilderness, do basic trail riding, as well as horse archery and carting. Stuart teaches  basic principles and techniques that I feel will directly improve my relationship with my horse and the performance of both of us.

Stuart is a very clear, careful and positive teacher. His coaching is very practical and straightforward. I think anybody would improve their horsemanship skills through his teaching. He is a master. (Brian Dorman MD)

Testimonial from Dominique Doubek: I walked away from the seminar with a clear understanding when you treat a horse or other large animal as an intelligent being, then the animal will treat you as an intelligent individual. The animal wanting to do things with you and for you, instead of being forced into doing and being with you. A significant difference in how one lives whatever the species. A fantastic and exceptional experience.

Testimonial from  Nicole Schiller: Heart of the Horse is a deeply moving seminar, I feel transformed from it. Thank you horses and everyone there! The biggest lesson for me was the growth and importance of presence. How can you connect with anything if you’re not present? Stuart’s abilities to be present and connect are awesome. His mastery and his path of this deep connection to animals, nature, and what seems like all, is an inspiring form of sacred activism. Helping us relearn how to connect to life’s truths. Reconnecting and choosing to live in harmony with all beings. Thank you Stuart, I love what you do, and learning from you!

Please write to for more details and information about upcoming seminars in Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the United States. If you think you might like to host a seminar (anywhere in the world) I’d be happy to consider this with you.

Thank you, Stuart

I wish to thank just a few of my many mentors, whose influences you will encounter during these seminars: Adi Da Samraj, Ramana Maharshi, Jingle Baba and Hiho the camels, Buck the llama, Dawn the horse, Awareness the cat, Coal the dog, Cinnabar the chameleon, Jungle Pudding the frog, Yes and No the Aldabran tortoises, Dusky the lory, and many others, as well as Carolyn Resnick, Robin Gates, Robin Davidson, Joe Hutto, and so many others…
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