Byron / Ballina Seminar March 2018

The recent “Heart of the Horse” seminar, in the Byron Bay region of Australia, was a wonderful weekend for 11 human participants and 5 horses to connect and learn about each other.

Many thanks to Kerry Johnston for opening up your Teveton Center for this event. And much thanks, also, to Amanda, Julie and Linda, for the excellent organization, planning and preparation !

Here are several testimonials from the seminar:

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Heart of the Horse seminar with Stuart. It was a time of deep contemplation of non humans (horses in particular), humans, the environment and the sacred. I discovered a deeper appreciation and sensitivity for the rhythms of life as embodied in non humans and nature. And, how to be sensitive to and respect and communicate with non humans. Its now a few days after the retreat and I continue to feel the glow and blessings of the time spent with Stuart, the horses and the other participants in the seminar.

“I recommend the seminar to anyone who wants to go deeper in their relationship to non humans, humans, themselves and their approach to life altogether. FYI, I am not a ‘horse person’.” ~ Nicholas Eisen

“Stuart’s seminar was heart-opening and mind-changing. As a professional dog behaviorist, I found everything Stuart teaches about developing a true heart-relationship with a horse applicable to a dog. It has opened my eyes to a new way of working with difficult, unbalanced dogs – I was able to take advantage of it immediately with a 5 month old bull terrier who had begun to develop puppy aggression. The owner and I sat for about half an hour with the pup “being together, doing nothing” and the relaxation in all of us was palpable. The owner was thrilled with this and planned to make it a regular event in their day. I even noticed my own dog relate to me differently when I arrived home from the weekend — she had picked up the energy and was obviously enjoying it. I can’t recommend Stuart and his work highly enough. Please do this seminar – it could change your life. ~ Trish Mitchell, The Dog Magician – Canine Behaviour Specialist, Gold Coast/Canberra, Australia.”

“Thank you Stuart for this unique and enriching experience. How often does one just get to drop out and hang out with horses and going into a deeper place of conscious awareness? I can tell it was an experience that will keep unfolding and growing because it opened new doors of perception.” ~ Sally Taylor

And here are some photos from the weekend:

Nick and Max saying hello

Stay tuned for the next “Heart of the Horse” seminar in the Northern Rivers Region, which should be scheduled soon. We’ll post the details here… or you can write directly to to find out more.


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4 Responses to Byron / Ballina Seminar March 2018

  1. Patreecia Brandt says:

    I look forward to an opportunity to participate in a future Heart of the Horse Retreat. I loved reading the testimonials and could feel how heart-deepening it was for the participants and I am sure for the horses, too. How beautiful.


  2. Ciaran Mercier says:

    Thank you for sending me this report, Stuart. I wish I could have been there. The place and the horses are beautiful. And a big HULLO! to Trish Mitchell, who I haven’t seen in many, many years !
    – Ciaran Mercier


  3. Ginny Hanlon says:

    Let me know of upcoming seminars Stewart
    Ginny Hanlon /Newcastle


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