Heart of the Horse – Byron/Ballina, March 2019

The seminar requested by horses!

“Heart Of The Horse”

Explore the mysteries and intelligence of magnificent, powerful, and delicate, creatures. Explore an honest connection with the beings we call “horses”.                                               Gain new skills in consensual relationships.

Throughout this weekend, participants will have the chance to engage hands-on with the participating horses, learning the intricate qualities of their personalities. No riding. No tack. A workshop for those with horse experience, or without!

DATES: Sat/Sun March 30&31, 2019                – 9am to 5pm

Venue: Teveton Center, Ballina, NSW: 75 North Teveton Rd 2478

REGISTER BY MARCH 25th: stucamels@gmail.com www.fearnomore.vision  or 04 9999 4708

THERE IS NO FEE 🙂 !  see next para…

How I relate to horses is also how I must relate to participants – consensually… and every person, and horse, is an individual. (Please bring your own lunches and snacks – we also provide tea/coffee and treats). I’m just not interested in commodifying horses, seminars for horses (or camels), people, or myself. Things keep evolving as I go along this path. This is one of them… Donations are welcome, of course, if you are moved.

If you plan on coming, please do let us know – by email, website or phone – as placements are limited to around 20.

Would you like to bring your horse to participate? Please write to enquire.

Image above: Stuart Camps (facilitator) with horse, during 2018 Ballina seminar. Stuart has 25+ years’ experience with camels, horses and others. These seminars have been presented in Canada, Holland, California and Australia. Growing up in New Guinea, Stuart studied and trained in California for 25 years, with horses and camels, under the mentorship of two of the world’s best horse women. Based on all of this, he now generously shares what he calls, “The Field of Prior Unity”.
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