The Horse, the Human, and the Atom

horse head nebulaTo be truly consensually involved with horses, camels, and other living beings is a privilege from and for which gratitude and appreciation are the wellsprings.

Adi Da Samraj’s phrase “when the atom is split, the Horse Is on the Fool’s back” wasn’t specifically written about Earthly horses, but it is applicable to them and all involved with them.

Jonathan Swift wrote about the Yahoos and Houyhnhnms in his Gulliver’s Travels, where the human-like Yahoos are the obvious inferiors of their equine-like counterparts. And, by and large, this is the case in our present world. Like the Yahoos, most of us hope to keep the horse subdued with restraints of equipment and training. In our shunning of what is right, we also endeavor to collapse the light on all the rest of life, lest it reveals the lies we perform.

Adi Da’s “Horse” is a symbol of the universal Divine Condition of everyone and everything, including the natural world.

Within a certain view, the “Fool” on the Horse’s back is the image of everything wrong.

For this pattern to truly change, a virtual splitting of the atom is needed in terms of our perception of Reality Itself. Beginning with the universal Divine Condition, then all of living nature, including you and me, all must shift into the right relationship. No atomic smashing, but the Divine Force of the always Free Horse in the Wild must be ascertained and responded to with hearts not hidden behind hardened leather or steel spurs, but offered openly in hand.

When the Fool bends the knee, finally allowing the True Horse upon his or her spinal back, another world is at hand. And all that happened was a sudden slicing of the atom that is all of “this”.

When horses and humans see themselves as equals, free in each other’s eyes and hearts, the great atomic event has occurred. And then, even the Fool is recognised as always Divinely Free!

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