Wandering Ancient Lands

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As hinted at in earlier posts, in December 2021 I embarked on a meandering journey into “Country” (Australia). This is an open-ended excursion to connect with places powerful and sacred, often in National Park settings, but not always…. also connecting with people… visiting, connecting, combining and deepening with… and within.

My first two “destinations” were Minyon Falls and Bald Rock, in northern New South Wales, spending a week in each place.

Camping in a rooftop tent, hiking during the day, sitting still for hours until the animals begin accepting my presence, listening, feeling, deepening, and connecting with the “person” of the “being” of the “place(s)”.


Minyon after heavy rains…


Carpet Python guardian


Bald Rock, facing east


storm gods gathering…

Now moving northward… through Bunya Mtns, Carnarvon Gorges, Daintree, Uluru…whatever comes… into and (hopefully) beyond the mystery of the big dreaming. 🙂

More soon, as the kilometers and words roll…


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7 Responses to Wandering Ancient Lands

  1. Kathleen Lynch says:

    Thank you for writing about the wonderful journey you’re on – amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Peterson says:

    Beautiful. May you make many friends along your journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. malcolm says:

    Thank you.keep sharing please


  4. Chip says:

    Thanks for this, Stuart! Beautiful.


  5. kaeren27 says:

    Wonderful puja Stuart – loving to follow you on your journey!


  6. annielittlehawk says:

    On a Walkabout! Quite Honestly, I’m envious. Thanks for your service to our Sacred Living Planet!


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