Wallaman Falls

20220207_091723In the language of the Warrgamaygan, Girramay, and Warungnu people, “Wallaman” means “big water”. The Wallaman Falls of Girringun Sacred National Park plunge 268 meters (880 feet) off the Seaview Range, the highest single waterfall drop in this very flat Australia.

In these Wet Tropics, inland from the coastal city of Townsville, the forests are the oldest continuously enduring rainforests on Earth. Living here are the ancient southern cassowaries, mahogany gliders, water dragon lizards, platypuses, and saw-shelled turtles. There are also possums, bettongs, pademelons, quolls, tree-kangaroos, and lower down the river, crocodiles. Each morning before daybreak, nearby dingoes delightfully howled their presence.


Sitting near the base of the falls for several hours a day was a lesson on impermanence, regeneration, and flow… constant flow! The down-thundering tumult was awesome! For hundreds of meters around, the thick jungle was drenched under constant spray-rain. All the great waterfalls and cascading rivers of the world are essential for maintaining vibrant, healthy water, which is necessary for a healthy Earth. They must always be protected and conserved.


We often talk about water’s power and determination, or its softness and malleability. What is not much discussed is that water has no intent. It goes where it is drawn, whether down or up, constantly moving, unless trapped in a human-made container. Whether becoming ice, vapor, or liquid, it flows where drawn – as droplets, forming oceans, ice-caps, and clouds. Water flows into and through almost everything, ever onward toward the almost unattainable perfect sphere, which is found only in non-gravitational space. Through water, each of us is being moved… flowing toward, and into, infinite space, whether we know it or not… into what the greatest sages** call the True Water of existence itself!


Having arrived in this Tropic of Capricorn region, I will stay here a while, until summer cools and the monsoon abates, at which time I’ll head further north into the upper tropics. After that, I will go gradually west and then south, to be at Uluru by April 22, my birthday. After that, I’m not sure… but, I am sure that the water will draw me…

“The sage’s transformation of the world arises from solving the problem of water… The sage’s government does not consist of talking to people and persuading them, family by family. The pivot is water.” – Lao-Tzu

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** The actual term, “True Water”, was coined by Adi Da

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  1. Arnica says:

    You’re lucky to be there. Thanks for sending.


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