2. Fear-No-More Immersion

The Vision of Fear-No-More Immersion Course

Please read Fear-No-More, Honoring the Sacred in All Life (publication is imminent).

Fear-No-More Immersion takes you gently into your fear and through them. We start out softly and things gradually deepen as the course progresses.

Fear-No-More Immersion is the Sages part of the Pterippi, Dragons, and Sages program, clarifying our unique responsibility as participatory contemplative stewards of the systems of Earth-life.

Within each of us resides the universal sage – the heart of life. Steady meditation, bodily and energetic conductivity, open-ended enquiry, human cooperation, and recognizing the equality of all life are fundamentals of this course. Without these, our participation in the Vision will be random only, rather than steady and unwavering.

The course will be offered through a variety of media depending on individual situations:

In-person face-to-face or online / Workshops in person or online / Telephone conferencing and written work / Demonstrations and feedback via video

This course is a personal process and requires steady guidance and interaction between participant and course leader.

For more information please write to Stuart @ stucamels@gmail.com