5. Sacred Parks of Australia

Mount Lindesay, Queensland/New South Wales

This page, and the links below, describe a gradual journey through Australia’s national parks and other natural areas.

I’m doing this to highlight these unique places as much more than governmentally run “national” parks, but as the sacred parks of humanity and the whole world.


They are places not just for recreation, nor only for this generation; they are sacred pilgrimage places of the past, present, and future.

These places elicit our sacred responsibility to care for the world and support its living, contemplative, universal processes.

Peruse the following blog posts, and join in manifesting Australia’s national parks into truly sacred parks that we all protect and care for as if we are caring for our own families – because they are family.

The Australian national parks system is among the best in the world. It is an excellent organization for managing the many and varied environments within its charter of responsibility. However, like zoos and other parks, the national parks system must continue maturing in its outlook and services to the natural world and to humanity’s integral place within the natural world.

Australia’s Sacred Parks – enroute:

1. Queen Mary Falls – QLD

2. Iluka Nature Reserve – NSW

3. Minyon Falls – NSW

4. Cunningham’s Gap – QLD

5. Minyon Falls & Bald Rock – NSW

… more to follow… please check back…

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Honoring the sacred in All Life.