1) Ballina – Heart of the Horse, March 10-11

An experiential workshop for horse lovers…

Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11, 2018 at the Teveton Centre near Ballina, NSW, Aust.

There is only one culture of life on earth.

“At heart, all beings are the same.”

In this workshop you will learn about a ‘secret’ that the horse knows well and can help you remember. It’s easy to know about the horse, but to actually know the horse is to find your way into the mystery that the horse already inhabits.

Participants will discover a deeper sense of connectedness to horses, all non-humans and humans as well. You will develop greater awareness in observing and listening as a way of being in relationship.

The Heart of the Horse workshop is suitable for everyone regardless of their background with horses.

All interaction with horses will be from the ground, not ridden.
Discussions and demonstrations will explore:

• the give and take of leadership • the true nature of the predator / prey relationship • understanding the contemplative herd culture of all group animals • learn about the eco-sphere that the horse lives in, and how the horse perceives you in your ego-sphere • what is it about humans that makes horses uneasy? • understanding practical and sacred hierarchy in group cultures • being safe around your horse, and having your horse be safe around you • how the cross-species / cross-cultural exchange between horse and human can enrich both, equally • the serious responsibility of care-taking a horse, or any non-human • understanding the death process for horses and other non-humans and how to serve them leading up to and through it • how to listen to the horse with yourself out of the way • why does your horse know you better than you know him, or her? • learn why your horse has given up on you, and how to bring him or her back to you • learn why your horse pretends to like you, and how to be liked • how and why treats are good and useful • knowing above all else, what your horse really wants, and how to provide it.

The Heart of the Horse March 10 and 11, 2018 9.00 – 5.00pm
Cost: $220. Teas, coffee and vegan snacks included each day. BYO lunch, chair etc

ADDRESS: The Teveton Centre, 75 North Teven Road, near Ballina, NSW 2478

Places are limited to 20 participants.

To Register, and for further details, email Amanda at aksavill@gmail.com with your: Name and Address, Email and Phone Number, and why you’d like to attend.

To secure your place please make on line bank payment to: Amanda Savill BSB 732573 Account 550783

Stuart is available on 12 and 13 March for private lessons with your own horse or for a half day tutorial with a small group. Fee is negotiable.