Vision of Fear-No-More.

“The Vision of Fear-No-More is the art of heart-participation, heart-activity, with all beings. It is artful intelligent participation made of feeling, rather than of a perception or a conception merely.”   – Adi Da Samraj


The Heart Of The Horse seminars’ core tenet is a comprehensive understanding of life from the view-point of the “Vision of Fear-No-More”.

The “Vision of Fear-No-More”, a term devised by Adi Da Samraj, is a way of pointing to, describing, and participating in the universal spiritually contemplative process that is naturally engaged by all non-human life, including the earth itself. Understanding the principles, and practice, of “fearing-no-more” will profoundly benefit the kind and quality of relationship you will develop with horses and other creatures.

While most non-human beings live in within the Vision of Fear-No-More, most humans do not. This can and needs to change…