hagen037Stuart Camps, from Papua New Guinea and Australia, spent 25 years in Northern California, studying, serving, and helping develop the “Vision of Fear-No-More” under the close direction of spiritual environmentalist, Adi Da Samraj.

Adi Da, during the course of his life, developed and communicated a body of wisdom on many subjects. With over two decades “under his belt” Stuart is now focused on sharing with others all that Adi Da entrusted him with – this radical and very simple Vision of Fear-No-More, for all beings.

Adi Da also encouraged and challenged Stuart to study with, and learn from, many and varied sources, whether individual and cultural, human and non-human.

The Heart Of The Horse Seminars allow participants to begin appreciating a new and different way of being directly involved with horses, and horse culture. What you learn in the seminars will also support you in being better able to freely relate to other species of non-humans, and Nature itself.

Please peruse the site to learn more…


*** Throughout the pages Stuart, who has worked with reptiles, birds, camels, horses, and various exotic species, signs off his own writings with (s.c.)


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