All Want To Live

a0346364111_10All rightly disposed people should manifest great compassion for suffering beings, under all conditions. All living beings, rightly disposed, should relate to one another cooperatively in making an effort to protect one another, and relieve one another’s suffering, and so on.

All beings are arising in the same Divine Radiance and Consciousness. All! Everything! All is One in That. All beings would struggle to survive in the moment of intrusion. All beings WANT to live. They want to exist! The fish in the sea, the fly on the wall, the mosquito. They all experience the same sense of self-contracted differentiation and a will to survive as that. PART_1415204865261_20141103_1257211


If you understand this, you see, you can’t draw the lines or the circles around, and be just localized in your love and compassion. Your compassion, your understanding must extend to all that is.

– Adi Da Samraj

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