Pterippi & Dragons

Bedouin horse returning to camp, Saudi Arabia

People attend horse or camel training workshops for all kinds of reasons.

And the workshops provide all kinds of ideas, good and bad lessons, new techniques, things to do and not do – and most attendees leave still confused.

Before we can understand animals we have to understand ourselves (our hearts), otherwise, we can’t clearly see the animals (and their cultures) standing right before us.

Resting with camels

With and without words we cover ground not encountered elsewhere, addressing fundamental subjects you’ve probably not dealt with yet. If you attend a Pterippi or Dragon Workshop and continue with what was presented (and stay in touch) you will continue learning what’s necessary for achieving good and deepening relationships with horses or camels.

It’s simpler than you probably think.

We don’t get into riding in these seminars, or the use of equipment and tack. All of that is premature to building knowledge and trust of one another. Halters and ropes are obstructions for making true friends.

Dawn the horse (named on Nov 26, 2008)

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Here are some images from workshops in California, Canada, Holland, and Australia…