2018 Heart Of The Horse Seminars

Lone horse returning to Saudi Bedouin camp

People usually attend horse training seminars to learn better ways of getting their horses to do things for them, or with them. People attend seminars with all kinds of ideas, good or bad experiences, things they’ve read, lessons trainers have given them, and a lot of effort and confusion around all of this.

In wanting to understand the horse, they make a big project out of it and often completely lose sight of the horse in front of them. This results in both horse and human becoming very confused about themselves and each other. Endless clinics and seminars, and all the ideas, methods, theories, and intended or imagined goals, can become an endless frustrating search without actually ever resolving what it is you’re looking for.

Heart of the Horse Seminars are conceived from a different place, one which understands that you are a person, and the horse is a person too. Both of you are connected and were already connected before you came together, and even met.

Both of you are essentially simple, and the same at heart. Understanding is therefore easy. And true understanding must be mutual. You must allow the horse to understand you. And you must be interested in understanding the horse. Only then do you have something real.

We cover a lot in these seminars – with words, and without words. We cover a lot of areas that you’ve probably not covered before, because you don’t often get the opportunity. And, ultimately we cover just one area, which is the making of a good, unique, relationship.

These seminars aren’t “touchy-feely”, but are as honest as possible. You might be confronted with how honest. They are real, organic, spontaneous, organized, very compassionate, and very, very, simple.

What you learn will allow you and your horse the kind of relationship wherein you can go and do together whatever you want to do, from the most basic simplicity of being together, right through to competing in high level events (if you still wish to:).

We don’t get into riding in these seminars, or equipment and tack. All of that is premature to first getting to know and trust one another, at heart.

Please check out our schedule of seminars being offered for 2018 in Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Netherlands, and California.

Write us @ stucamels@gmail.com to sign up, or for more info.

Thank you.