3. Land Care, Cultural Fire

Care and protection of the land, trees, and soil have been humanly acknowledged responsibilities for millennia. When deeply connected, humans actively and effectively participate in caring for these fundamentals of Earth-life. Historically, we didn’t harm life but nurtured it.

Cultural Burning

The Vision of Fear-No-More Foundation supports and promotes cultural burning events throughout Australia – and other countries – educating people about the virtues of this ancient indigenous practice of caring for this great land.

By participating directly with indigenous fire elders, you can learn about these profound practices while deepening your connection to the natural world and the living responsibilities we all have toward it.

You will be guided into and through environments, learning observational skills that are based on feeling the state of the environment and the intimate relationships between everything in it – learning when to choose where and how to burn particular areas while safeguarding others. You will participate in actual burns, learning how to set-up for and implement fire according to ancient wisdom and contemporary science.

Workshops around the country are done in conjunction with indigenous elders who are adept at cultural burning and related matters and ceremonies.

If you have grasslands, dry forests, wet forests, and/or other areas that you think may need caring for through cultural burning, and/or you wish to participate in one of the growing number of workshops in Australia, contact:


Landcare Australia


Land Care and Tree Care

Land and tree care are intimately related, and are integrated with both cultural burning and fire-mimicry practices.

Adept masters of land care dedicate their lives to understanding the needs of environments and their inhabitants, including humans. Those seriously interested in learning about land care embark on lifelong apprenticeships of always learning from country and other experienced humans.

The Vision of Fear-No-More Foundation encourages and supports people becoming masters of land and tree care. A great many are needed!

The impulse to care for trees is a response of the human heart to the intelligent life around us. If forests, jungles, and savannas are left alone, to be “wild”, they quickly become overgrown, tangled, congested, unhealthy, and neglected systems. They also become dangerous fire makers! Through the living presence of humans and large herbivores, the ranges and verges are tended and kept in balance and good health. Indigenous peoples constantly care for the regions they live in, and familial lore and responsibilities are transmitted across generations, resulting in a more or less continuous caretaking influence. Caretaking the land is serious business on physical, cultural, and spiritual levels. Forests are kept thinned so all the trees can grow well. Tended food trees produce higher yields for people and animals. Tended cultural and sacred trees grow to majestic dimensions connecting people to the heart of life in each region.

We also offer training in a specific tree-care practice of mineralization which improves the health and immunity of trees and plants and intimately connects humans with trees.

After thinning, lopping, and cleaning trees and forests, certain trees are further served and nourished through a process of mineralization. The lower reaches of the trunks of chosen trees are cleaned and painted with a paste of crushed shells and mineral clays, which bring healing benefits to the trees and surrounding plant and animal life. Additionally, whole and crushed shells and bones are buried in the soils under trees, functioning as long-term slow-release food/mineral sources for the plants. The result is not only large healthy and long-lived food and cultural trees, but also open, clean, healthy environments.

This course of training involves learning to mix a recipe of minerals into an energized cream and painting this onto the bark of trees, as well as spreading minerals on the ground beneath favored trees and trees in need. The results from this are that treated trees will begin to thrive and flourish along with the surrounding environment.

When performed consciously, participants will find their connection to trees becoming enriched, deepened, and more interconnected.

For more info on this please contact Stuart @ stucamels@gmail.com

Soil Care

Many modern practices of plowing, chemical fertilizers, industrial agriculture, exposing soils to sun, wind, and air, and general exploitation and neglect of soils, are fast bringing the world’s reservoirs of nutritious topsoil to exhaustion.

Mulching, mineralization, and light seasonal burning of woodlands and grasslands helps to revive and keep topsoils rich and healthy.