3. Cultural Burning

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The Vision of Fear-No-More Foundation supports and hosts cultural burning events to educate people about the virtues of this ancient indigenous practice and to care for the country.

By attending and participating directly with indigenous elders, you will learn about these profound practices while deepening your connection to the natural world and the living responsibilities we all have toward it.

You will be guided through environments, learning intricate observational skills that are based on feeling the state of the environment, and the intimate relationships between everything – informing when to choose where and how to burn particular areas while safeguarding others. You will participate in actual burns, learning how to set-up for and implement fire according to ancient wisdom and contemporary science.

These workshops are done only in conjunction with indigenous elders who are adept at cultural burning and related matters and ceremonies. The elders are fully hosted and supported to be our workshop leaders. We also cooperate with local councils and landowners, ensuring best practices in every case.

As cultural burning workshops are set up and prepared for, we will post details including dates, location, cost and so on.

Please get in touch if:

– you have grasslands, dry forests, wet forests, and other areas that you think need caring for through cultural burning, so we can meet and plan a project together

– you wish to participate in one of our weekend or weeklong workshops

Contact Stuart @ stucamels@gmail.com