2. Meditation & Breathwork

We can deepen and enhance our involvement and participation within the natural world of plants, animals, and numerous living cultures and systems through daily meditation, breathing, and feeling practices.

On this page, you will find samplings of various approaches and practices that you can explore and experiment with… Of course, there are many more.

Dive in, be intelligent and discriminating, and enjoy!

Adi Da Meditations and Breathing

Adi Da Samraj: “The true form of the breath is founded in freedom from chronic reactive recoil. And it is consciously established in Feeling-Communion with the All-Pervading Life. Such breathing receives much Life in the vital regions of the body (at the solar plexus and below). Such breathing involves full exhalation of the waste products of the lungs, and it involves full relaxation-release of the Life-Fullness, from or via the vital region to the entire body, and thence, via all relations, to Infinity. Such breathing of Fullness expresses an emotionally free and loving personality, self-released into the All-Pervading Life on which it depends and which is its ultimate and true Identity.”

Guided Meditation by Adi Da on feeling heartbeat and breath (read by Dr. Moses):

For children and everyone else – again from Adi Da:”Breathe in the good stuff and breathe out the bad stuff. And when you feel the Mystery real strong, you can tell that you even breathe the Mystery. When people feel the Mystery real strong and breathe It, they say things like ‘God is Spirit’, because ‘Spirit’ is just a name for what we feel about our breath. When people say things like this, they are only feeling very happy. They don’t know anything more than before about Real God. They are just wondering beyond wondering, how the Mystery even goes all through them and doesn’t have any shape or face or up or down or inside or outside.

“Well. When you remember to feel the Mystery real strong, then you can also remember to breathe the Mystery. The Mystery is good, feeling full of light and happiness and love, isn’t It? So when you breathe the Mystery, remember always to breathe in all the good feeling and breathe out all the bad feeling.

“Breathe in all the happy feeling about the Mystery, and breathe out all the unhappy feelings you might be thinking about, like being afraid, or angry, or selfish, or mean, or just unhappy. Stand up and feel to yourself ‘Breathe in the good stuff–Breathe out the bad stuff’. And do this feeling- breathing, in and out, again and again. It is good to do this every now and then every day. It is a way to get to remember the Mystery stronger and stronger. And if you remember the Mystery stronger and stronger, you start to feel so good after a while that it seems like you aren’t remembering and feeling and breathing the Mystery anymore but the Mystery is remembering and feeling and breathing you!”


Wim Hof Breathing

Here are two simple Wim Hof guided breathing sessions preceded by a tutorial:


Joe Dispenza Meditations

Sit up or lie down and relax, and try these two simple-form Joe Dispenza meditations:


Sadhguru Meditations

Try this simple meditation from Sadhguru:


Meditative Contemplation and Occasional Use of Natural Hallucinogens

In addition to their naturally contemplative nature and state, many non-humans also access naturally occurring substances that produce hallucinogenic states. From the ingestion of fermented fruit and plant alcohols to mushrooms, fungi, barks and flowers, and certain secretions from other animals, this activity is more common than we might think. A great many non-humans intentionally participate in altered states of consciousness. Such engagement deepens and widens their awareness and participation within their cultures and in the world around them. Within non-human cultures, expansive and ecstatic states of consciousness are desired and actively sought as a necessary part of a full life.

Today’s human cultures, mired in politics, religions, and sciences have withdrawn from both profound contemplation and the intelligent use of hallucinogenic substances. We are now in a time where ecstatic states of awareness, whether found through self-transcending contemplation and/or the use of natural hallucinogens are almost universally feared and forbidden. The human-based political powers that exist in the present world could not control cultures steeped in ecstatic and blissful states of awareness. And such populations would not condone corrupt and immature leadership, wars, poverty, and enforced and propagandized methods of control. The so-called leaders of such over-dominated and manipulated societies would themselves lose control. Today’s leaders of nations and corporations are a fearful and cowardly mob, suppressing and controlling everyone through the perpetuation of a fearful human world.

Only if humanity participates ecstatically and blissfully in existence can it hope to enjoy life in the awareness of inherent and joyful freedom, even while we all come and go from this world. Only a humanity of wisdom and ecstasy can govern itself free of the corruptions of self-enclosure and fear.

“It is time for us to take a more fundamental approach to our mutual existence. The political approaches are secondary and not radical. They do not solve the fundamental problems, and therefore, all political systems are unstable and ultimately oppressive. 
“We must begin to engage the problems of environment and availability as a fundamental necessity, superior to all political motivations. A worldwide apolitical effort to obviate and reduce the problems of unavailability and the inequalities they create must be begun as the highest priority of mankind.
“The technology of availability can create a solved environment in which all oppressive, salutatory politics is obviated. The anxiety and search for survival is the traditional burden of men and women, individually and collectively. Neither wisdom nor politics is sufficient to the obviation of this burden. We must create the solved environment, which is the act of our wisdom. Then we will also evolve a politics which no longer conceals and suppresses the problems of survival.”      – Adi Da Samraj, 1971

Profound self-transcending meditative contemplation and careful, mature, and occasional use of natural hallucinogens (if and when needed) permit the transformation of humanity, informing and nurturing its most direct and radical evolution and growth. Rather than fear-based capitalism, or any other kind of ism, Natural Contemplation is the present and future resource and resort of humanity and all that breathes and feels and lives. 

(More will be added over time – check back)