A New Book!

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Honoring the Sacred in All Life








Much awaited – 240 richly storied pages about the Vision of Fear-No-More for all beings

The front cover: image is from a river cave system in New Zealand where, across the ceilings, hang ancient colonies of glow worms. Eels, crustaceans, insects, and fish swim in the cave’s clear water. Near the end of their lives, the longfin eel journey 1,500 miles to Tonga to spawn, with their offspring drifting home to Aotearoa (NZ) on ocean currents!
The cover is a metaphor of the world – spinning in vast space with only a little light arriving here to shape the mystery we all are. Comforted by that distant star’s burning light, we also yearn for a light we cannot see, to move our hearts beyond separation and fear.
The Vision of Fear-No-More describes a state of existence that the world’s non-humans are perpetually immersed in – within the broadest context of universal energetic life. Humans’ active non-participation in this mystery makes us an anomaly.
Rear Cover: while much of Arabia was once forested, its deserts today are no less vibrant and alive. As the world changes, life continually emerges in mystery-filled valleys and hills, crevices, and expanses, where human-made concerns and fears constantly dissolve.