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Honoring The Sacred in All Life, 

Lightning, Thunder, and Cows

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240 richly storied pages about the Vision of Fear-No-More for all beings

The front cover image is from a cavernous river system in New Zealand where, across the cave ceilings, hang ancient colonies of glow worms. Eels, crustaceans, insects, and fish swim in the cave’s clear water. Near the end of their lives, the longfin eel journey 1,500 miles to Tonga for spawning, with their offspring drifting home to Aotearoa (NZ) on the ocean currents!
The cover is a metaphor of the world – spinning in vast space with only a little light shaping the mystery we all are. Comforted by a distant star’s burning rays, we still yearn for that light we cannot see, to move our hearts beyond separation and fear.
The rear cover image is of a sacred mountain rising from sub-tropical forests in Githabul country on Australia’s central-east coast.


COMMENTS from recent readers:

From SM: I have been really enjoying your book and I feel it has really triggered something in me. It’s profound! Really wonderful and devastating as well. I am going through some sort of process and purification it seems. Very grateful!

From DRM: I just started reading the book! It’s incredible so far! With all that is happening around us… I keep looking for things that will center me.

From C: I started reading the book. So far I like it and I think I should read it in the morning because I just want to continue reading it. I like how you want people to breathe and relax and connect with everything. Seems like a very good book to read outside. I like the humor also.

From TG: fabulous! I’ve just started reading your beautiful prose and I have to go to bed but I wanted to say Thank you.

From CC: Dear Stuart, I am only part-way through the book, but I already have had many moments of joy reading it. I’ll write something more when I’ve finished.

From MN: Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift.  Been looking forward to reading this – it’s magical – wish I could just binge read it for the next day or two!

From PS: As soon as I opened your book I read the first 20 pages. So enjoyable! Thank you.

From NR: Hi Stuart! This is really really good!!!  You could charge for this book! Thanks for the share looking forward to reading the rest~

From JL: Thank you, Stuart. I’ve been waiting for this book since the day we met.

From GM: Damn Stuart.  I’m just beginning this journey with you – the first half dozen pages….  IT’S SO INTENSE WITH FEELING.  Inviting an awakening to approaching life from a feeling disposition first. What a gift this is. 

From KB: Have been sitting quietly tonight reading your book which I got printed and bound ….up to page 40…. It’s so wonderful!!! Loving it so much as it transports one to the native intuition of the Mystery… Thanks so much, Stuart!

From RB: I just had to write as I was so excited to get your highly anticipated book which looks absolutely amazing; your writing is a beautiful thing.

From SS: I am only up to page 12 and am in love with your book. Thank you

From JS: This is quite a book! I hesitate to call it a “book”. It is a very alive, psychic, feeling communication. It is hard for me to imagine there are many like it in the world. Certainly not that I have run across.