The Vision of Fear-No-More names a process and state of being, a state of conscious awareness that has existed since the “beginnings of time and all worlds”. It was not created or developed by anyone or any group. It is not owned or operated by anyone or any group. It is universal. All of life exists within the Vision of Fear-No-More, the natural state of spiritual contemplation. All natural species and things readily abide in this state.

Humans, however, resist abiding in the Vision of Fear-No-More. With our faculty of highly developed thinking mind and our reactive stance of independence and separateness, we fearfully withdraw, fearing more and more!

The sacred ecologist, artist, author, and spiritual teacher, Adi Da Samraj, in 1974, named the small zoo that he founded, Fear-No-More Zoo. This marked the beginning of his communication, explanation, and instruction about the Vision of Fear-No-More pertaining to all living beings regardless of species, race, religion, and culture.