The Divine Has No Purpose

The nature of the world is merciless change. It’s not concerned for any of its forms ultimately. They are garbage, stuff, plastic. It’s simply that they have to go through changes. It never stops, cannot be stopped. There’s nothing in the entire conditional domain that can be held on to. There is no attained happiness because everything changes. Everything is limited that is arising. The ego is an illusion, separateness, trouble.

UisA8jbPeople like to walk in the natural world and look at the flowers, but they don’t want to stay long enough to see them die. They want the pleasure message. They don’t want to see how the cycle works. They don’t want to accept certain elements of it, like death and so on. And truly it is not wantable if you examine the nature of conditional existence, really feel it. It is not wantable, it is not choose-able…

The common religions keep praising it, blessing it absolutely by saying, “God created it; God intends this; this is what He intends; do this.” But the whole system of thinking about it all is structured by certain presumptions, ultimately by egoity and the non-Recognition of conditional existence for what it is…

What happened to the necessity of the world then? And the need to call God “Creator” and justify your enmeshment in conditional existence? Because you’re so afraid, you have to believe that it’s a necessity with a Divine Purpose in that thing itself? As if some developmental ultimacy was the Divine Purpose. The Divine has no purpose but Itself.”

– Adi Da Samraj  


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