What It Is

5447189085_f7935e4fb3You feel a need and you are motivated to overcome it, to pursue changes of your state. All the traditions of life and Spirituality, the entire cultic existence of humankind, is a goad to changes of state. But no change of state is necessary for the Realization of Truth. Only self-sacrifice in place is the condition of Realization, not accumulation of new conditions of any kind–not heavens, visions, kriyas, forces.

All those things are changes of state. They are an accumulation, an accumulation of garbage. They act like a hedge around the ego and protect it from its fear of obliteration. None of them is necessary.

What is necessary is to Realize the principle of self-sacrifice, so that change may become the principle without fear. Then all things will be given to you that are necessary and appropriate, but you will Stand Happy and full of True Humor in the midst of life.

earth-clouds-artLife is not leading anywhere. The Earth has not been created in order, ultimately, to ‘evolve’ into the Divine State. The Earth is what it is. It may become more glamorous, or it may just fall apart. It could become more glamorous, but that would not make it Divine. This world is just a limitation, like all of the endless infinities of billions of other worlds. All of them are just limitations.

Apart from all of that, and also absolutely Coincident with it, is the Divine.

And those who know the Divine, in whatever world they appear, are Free, and the world becomes Divine theater for them. They do not always look to go to some other world. They live in Real God and play out the present-time event. Such is the habit of Spiritual men and women.

n1481913248_30197699_5714Spiritual men and women are, from the conventional perspective, all fools, useless people, madmen, because they do not look for another place. They can throw this one away. And they are always throwing it away by living it with True Humor, the Humor of the Prior, or Divine, Condition.

– Adi Da Samraj