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CONSCIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH HORSES, CAMELS, and other animals – dogs, cats, chickens/roosters, cows, goats, geese, kangaroo, emu, parrots, etc: If you’re looking for an effective approach for working with animals, I’m happy to discuss your situation and explain how I might help.


What I do for horses, camels, and other animals is, effectively, to assist in their emancipation, or manumission, where the individual’s “owner” intentionally engages in a conscious healing process. This process frees an animal’s mindset from historically-based colonizing psychologies that demand the animal’s submission. Both the animal and the human go through a transformation of limiting views and attitudes into a more expansive, generous, and open view of life. As a result, the relationship becomes mutual and equal, releasing both from the strictures of inherited old attitudes.


LANDCARE: If you have an interest in learning more about sacred tree care and mineralization practices, cultural burning, woodland, and forest tending (fire mimicry), I’m happy to visit to discuss your options.

CULTURAL BURNING: If you are considering the application of healthy fire on the lands you caretake, I’m happy to help you consider your options and support you in the right directions.

Also CLICK here for information on Fire Mimicry.


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I consult locally (NSW Northern Rivers region), Australia-wide, and world-wide.

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Or phone: within Australia (04) 9999 4738 // and international 614 9999 4738