The so-called objective world is not viewed as a thing in itself, but it is always a form of connection to the total psychophysical world.

The deer, for instance, is not just an animal in the objective world. It is a living psychophysical feature of the formal universe and is therefore a bridge between the various dimensions of the formal universe. The deer is not merely an animal in the objective physical world, but a psychic presence. It is a way of relating to the more fluid, psychic dimension of the world. Likewise, this fluid, psychic dimension of the world makes its bridge to the objective world through these creatures and forces.

From the magical, shamanistic point of view, everything is alive. The cosmos is a living process. A little while ago I was talking about accepting the positive as well as the magical significance of creatures other than human beings. From the magical point of view, so-called inanimate objects are also conceived as being alive and participating in a living, magical cosmos. And this is certainly true.

The more psychically awake you become, the more you are aware of the psychophysical nature of what you call the objective world.

– Adi Da Samraj

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