We’ve all had moments of awareness in which we’ve felt…

wild-turkey-great-smoky-mountains-national-park-brian-lumley…the birds and lizards, horses and cows, monkeys and dogs, crickets and bees, trees, flowers, and fishes, living free of obstruction or complication…

They simply live…

…in the Mystery.

Why do most of us not simply revel in life as the cat does or the redwood tree…?

great-barracuda-fishWhat do we stop short?

How can we share their more blissful existence?

What purpose does a cat have?

What makes it “useful”?

It lives each day with a passion.

What then, of our human-created purposes?

PART_1456780206177_20160229_1309501Why do we seek meaning and fulfillment?

Are our self- imagined purposes actually necessary to live on earth?

What is real, rather than imagined?


Life was already complete before we created differences and problems.

How can we live beyond, or prior to, this mad, constant, search for purpose?

– s.c.