Not Merely That…

gypsyAnimals, even all non-humans, participate in subtler aspects of the structures of cosmic existence. They are essentially participating in the same reality as human beings, but they do not have all the mind that human beings have. Therefore, non-humans do not have that obscuring, propagandizing mechanism to convince them out of being aware that there are energies subtler than the physical. That there are such energies is just so. Sensitivity to the subtle realm of energies does not involve thinking about its existence or having the existence of a subtle realm of energy be proven. The subtle realm is just the case, and non-humans participate in it naturally.

Much of subtle awareness should simply be as natural to human beings, as it is to non-humans. Yet you have been civilized out of the awareness of it, talked out of the awareness of it. There is propaganda that says what you can know, what is official knowledge, what is allowed knowledge, allowed belief, allowed doings, allowed participation in reality. Such propaganda is proclaimed as official and propagandized very heavily.

What you see on TV is the message. That is the level on which human beings are living. It is just a glom of organisms in association — talkety-talkety-talkety-talkety-talk — exploiting the potentials of the gross perspective only.

It is a consumer-world, strictly that. It is propagandized to be that because people are not naturally merely that. No. Human beings have to be psychically, psychologically impinged upon to have their field of awareness reduced to that. Yet, human beings are propagandized into that state, by just the gross force of their collective collision with one another.rousseau

Some people, of course, have something left over, some space left over, much of it just the natural kind of space in which non-humans live — a little more etheric, a little more psychic. Some people, therefore, may think such sensitivity is remarkable — and so it is, by comparison. Or they think it is crazy. If you show as much sensibility as a baboon you are regarded as crazy. In other words, if you are participating in the larger sphere and field of psychophysical reality, more than the propagandized human being, you are outcast, shunned, and regarded to be kind of insane.

That is part of how such sensitivity gets propagandized out of the field of awareness. It is not permitted. If you are so sensitive, you are laughed at and you are ostracized.

– Adi Da Samraj

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