The Non-Humans are Still Sane

While humankind is collectively insane, and becoming more and more insane day by day, the mosquitoes and the frogs and the fish are all still sane — unless they are confined, or trapped, or abused, or otherwise too much influenced by human beings who are insane.

b4Thus, the insanity being manifested by humankind in this “late-time” is not shared by the rest of the conditional domain (except where inordinate human influences have been imposed). Flowers are not insane, yet — except, perhaps, some hybrid varieties, “made” by human beings. Fish are not insane, yet — except, perhaps, some hybrid varieties that, because of their over-large heads (and such), cannot swim, and cannot eat, and, therefore, cannot survive. Even the “edible” animals are not insane, yet — except, perhaps, caged-pigs-e1393732173492some enslaved varieties, buckled and fenced into feeding-confinements, unable to rest into Contemplation, because of the material stresses by which their human keepers mock and reduce their lives.

These ‘invented’ and enslaved non-humans have been manipulated into suffering and insanity through the intervention of insanely clever human beings! But, apart from such hybridization and enslavement, which does result in negative signs, the non-humans — including all the plants and trees — are not, yet, insane.

– Adi Da Samraj

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