Intuiting the Dawn Horse…

What about the first diminutive horses, and earliest camels?


… those now-vanished eohippus and protylopus?dcmj8lo-4624edf5-c02f-414c-83a0-609215ef42fd

Even today, through horses and camels, they still wander among us.

But how many untruths have they been told about themselves – and about humans?

And how many untruths have we been told about them?


                                                                 So, what is a horse?


What is a camel?

What are you?continuous-line-drawing-woman-face-abstract-vector-31939541

These three questions must be clearly considered before we can begin…

I offer effective support – good and different – for horses and camels, and their aspirant people.

My number in Australia is: 04 9999 4708 (ask for Stuart)


Scientists tell us that rhinos are keystone species – mega-herbivores helping to shape entire ecosystems… wallowing in muddy pools… creating new waterholes… and keeping existing ones open.

While this is one of the many things that rhinos do, what they do is not who they are…

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  1. Thank you for this magical lmysterious poetry!!


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