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A Prophecy, a Bison, and a Letter

(This article was first published in 1994 and has now been rewritten and updated by the author, Stuart Camps – November 15, 2020) The Lakota Sioux maintain a centuries-old legend involving two warriors from the region known today as Dakota. … Continue reading

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Fiji Cyclone Relief Effort

  The Vision of Fear-No-More partnered with 53 donors from around the world             to help families in a remote island village in the deep, blue, tropical, Koro Sea, Fiji.

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Maharshi’s Final Words to Us

As Ramana Maharshi was nearing the end of his human life (1879-1950), one of the peacocks of the ashram flew onto the roof above his bed, making a loud rattle and clatter. Hearing this, Ramana asked, “Has anyone fed the … Continue reading

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For Humanity Lost

Time spent with camels and other animals, as well as human and spiritual mentors, has shown me that leadership is really a transcendental thing. At its most simple, true leadership is an offering, or an invitation, nothing more…

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Of Apes and Men

The large orangutan sits beneath trees at the forest’s edge, gazing across farmlands and logging tracts. The human apes moving around the palm-oil plantations appear confused and bewildered to the calm old forest man.

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Seven Recommendations

Somewhere in the mid 70’s Adi Da Samraj gathered with a group of people late into one night. At some point he asked the women to leave the room and continued with the men. Advocating full adult responsibility he gave … Continue reading

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It Must Be Said

It must be said that the heart, both human and non-human, is not afraid.

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