A Prophecy, a Bison, and a Letter

(This article was first published in 1994 and has now been rewritten and updated by the author, Stuart Camps – November 15, 2020)

The Lakota Sioux maintain a centuries-old legend involving two warriors from the region known today as Dakota. One day, the two young braves were confronted by a brilliant white buffalo who, before their eyes, turned into a youthful-looking woman – the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She instructed them on how the people should live and prophesied her return in the form of a white female bison calf who would reinvigorate their culture in a time of need, and bring peace and harmony to humanity. Continue reading

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Fiji Cyclone Relief Effort


aa02a6e1b954728ed7f8a1525a957433The Vision of Fear-No-More partnered with 53 donors from around the world             to help families in a remote island village in the deep, blue, tropical, Koro Sea, Fiji. Continue reading

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Maharshi’s Final Words to Us

wif-series_sri-ramana-maharshi-photo-gallery-20As Ramana Maharshi was nearing the end of his human life (1879-1950), one of the peacocks of the ashram flew onto the roof above his bed, making a loud rattle and clatter. Hearing this, Ramana asked, “Has anyone fed the peacock yet?”, before exhaling his last breath. Continue reading

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For Humanity Lost

wild-turkey-great-smoky-mountains-national-park-brian-lumleyTime spent with camels and other animals, as well as human and spiritual mentors, has shown me that leadership is really a transcendental thing.

At its most simple, true leadership is an offering, or an invitation, nothing more… Continue reading

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Of Apes and Men

When we first came across Tom, he was resting in the shade of some towering jungle trees.The large orangutan sits beneath trees at the forest’s edge, gazing across farmlands and logging tracts. The human apes moving around the palm-oil plantations appear confused and bewildered to the calm old forest man. Continue reading

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Seven Recommendations

Adi_Da_19751Somewhere in the mid 70’s Adi Da Samraj gathered with a group of people late into one night. At some point he asked the women to leave the room and continued with the men.

Advocating full adult responsibility he gave the men five simple rules. Continue reading

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It Must Be Said

It must be said that the heart, both human and non-human, is not afraid. Continue reading

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