It Must Be Said

It must be said that the heart, both human and non-human, is not afraid.

The heart has never been afraid, and never will be.

Then why so much ‘human fear’ in this world?

Anciently it was said, “wherever there is a (perceived) ‘other’, fear arises.”


There are really only two ways to live.

The way of fear and separation.

And the way of fearing-no-more.

Humans have lived fearfully for a very long time; a continually evolving experience in fear and chaos, the magnitude of which, today, the world has not experienced before.

And yet, surrounding us in the natural world all the non-human beings have always enjoyed a different kind of awareness. They don’t live in fear the way we do.

There’s something to be said for this.

The non-humans know and accept something about this world that we might observe, and learn from, if we wish to survive at all.

We have the choice.

Imagine a life, both human and non-human, free of unnecessary fear.

Proceed feelingly through this website in exploration of the possibility, and the reality, of a world less afraid…



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1 Response to It Must Be Said

  1. Kate Bennett says:

    “At Heart All are One”, Adi Da Samraj.

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