We Are All Pretending!

We know each other much, much better than we allude to.

We think, describe, and pretend that we are only a few years of age.

But you and I are older than 500,000 years!


I remember seeing you covered in paint and clay, wielding spears, a shield, and a club, charging downhill out of primeval mists!

For hundreds of thousands of years, we’ve entrapped, murdered, and ignored our fellows untold countless times.

So let’s stop saying it was someone else, the ancestors, or “them”…

It’s always been us!

In truth, there are no ancestors, or others, or any so-called well-numbered years.

Don’t tell me you’re 27, or 63, or whatever as if you just got here and will soon be leaving…

No! You’re hundreds of thousands of years! Even much more!

We’ve known one another almost forever, doing the same things over and over as if we don’t remember… but we do!

We are rooted in these foul memories, reacting every moment in despair and fear, always only seeking happiness and relief, and finding these unsatisfying and fleeting!

All of us are the same – mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, trapped in these cold hard patterns, doing the same things, buried beneath memories repeated over and over and over…

If I am ever to be more than this, actually to be human, I must let go of fear and who I think, recollect, and imagine as being separate and different from me.

Because, yes, I do know, deep down, we are all the same at heart.

So, why do I pretend…?


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