Direct as a Horse


Have you ever wondered why most men and women involved with horses will do to horses the kinds of things they would never want humans to do to them, or their children?

Have you ever wondered why most adults involved with horses will allow and encourage their children to do to horses what they would never want them to do to their friends?


Look honestly into the eyes and lives of horses and you will see yourself there. 

They are not less. They are not more. They are unique. As are we. 

At heart, we are equal. 

So, why do we assume that enslaving horses and other animals is ok, while enslaving humans is wrong? 

What is up with us as a society, and a species? 

For as long as we condone the ownership and buying and selling of horses and other animals, we leave the door open for being able to also enslave each other. Maybe today? Maybe tomorrow?  Maybe yesterday?

Enslavers are as trapped and contained as the enslaved.

Only when we become willing to close that door completely (of enslaving any living thing) will another open to fully set us all free – human and non-human the same at heart across this wide Earth.

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2 Responses to Direct as a Horse

  1. Mary says:

    Should this quote be attributed to Adi Da Samraj ?


    • Hi Mary, I hope you are well.
      I assume you’re refering to this line – “At heart, we are equal.”?
      I appreciate your question, however these aren’t His exact words, though they are of course derived from things He said, as is much of what I write about. Similar words were also spoken by Ramana Maharshi, Lao Tzu, even Gandhi and Lincoln. So don’t think it’s necessary to attribute this directly to Adi Da as this general sentiment isn’t unique to Him, but is part of the inheritence of humankind.
      Best wishes,


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