earth-clouds-artThis entire world is a living being, as alive and conscious as we are.

Together with all the forms and beings upon and within it, the Earth is always changing and one day it too will pass away.

There is nothing permanent here. All our friends, loved ones, favorite things and places, imagined enemies, and our ourselves, will pass away.

Even so, all of life on Earth – the non-humans, the animals and plants, the rivers, oceans and mountains – are natural Spiritual Contemplatives, without the problem of abstracted, thinking, mind.

Humans, also, at our most elegant, and simple, invested in true feeling, are natural Spiritual Contemplatives too.

In general, though, we resist our Spiritual impulse, tending, instead, to dwell in abstract “mind” and “thinking”, forgetting our True Nature.

And it is this forgetting that is the singular destructive force threatening our world today, and the lives of all creatures here, including ourselves.

If this lesson is fully learned it will awaken in man the respect and remembrance of the Truth of himself and all others.

Only then will we heal what we are doing to this world, and to our hearts.

– s.c.

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