Not Even a Horse Trainer

I’m not a “horse trainer”.

I’m not an “animal communicator”.

I’m not a “dressage instructor”, or a “whisperer”, or a “natural horsemanship” influencer… 

What I do is more like… “just a horse”.

I have an impulse and a wish to assist people, but I won’t just come at you to promote myself, or yell at you to check out what I offer.

I’m just sitting in the field, on a stump… and if you’re tired of the endless parade of all the “methods”, you might notice me here.

This is how I begin with horses (or camels), and so I must do likewise with you, or I’m not being true.

So I sit here and wait… for you to make the gesture when you’re ready.

After respectful hellos, with initial connections, there comes permission and an invitation to begin.

Read a bit more here…

Tap my shoulder (call, text, email) when you’re ready:

04 9999 4708 – Stuart, Bundjalung, Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

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