“Having” a Horse

What is “having” a horse?

Is “having” even a real thing, or is it a kind of abstraction?

Does “having” a conscious, intelligent, living being give us permission to control its entire existence? If so, where does this view come from?

Why do we “have” so many presumptions about horses? – such as… they are made to be ridden, that they must work or perform, or they must love and respect us!

Philosophically speaking, can we really “have” anything?

What is the impulse in us for wanting to “have” something, anything, including a horse?

And this horse, where does he or she fit into this “having”?

Isn’t the human/horse conjunction quite strange and kind of mad, perhaps even slightly schizophrenic (. . . a state with contradictory coexisting elements)?

What does the horse “have”?

Mongolian wild horses

“If you’re going to bring animals into your sphere and take them out of theirs, you have to make some sort of arrangement with them in which they have the potential, through their Contemplative life, to be just as happy as you want them to be. But in that process of sensitizing yourself to non-humans and placing no barriers between yourself and them, you have to go beyond your previous mind about non-humans as sort of non-beings. And non-humans include the weather and soil and everything else too.”     – Adi Da Samraj, Jan. 1996



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  1. John Schorske says:

    Beautiful and awesome website, Stuart. Really love it!


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