A Horse Only

IMG_7999Those large deep eyes, looking back…

They look like horses.

We comfortably assume they are horses.

But, a horse is only in the wild.

When we bring these exquisite creatures into our world, enclose them, break them, traumatize them, tame them, make them submit to us, how can we expect them to still be horses?

Almost everything we require of captive “horses” is unnatural to them, diminishing who they are and what they can be – and us, as well.

They come from another world than ours… one more alive, mysterious, of feeling-contemplation, untamed energies, and always new.IMG_8013

Fortunately, there are ways to return captive “horses” to a condition closer to their natural state.

Doing so requires a great deal of respect and patience from us, a new degree of wildness and freedom, and a deeper understanding of their lives, and ours.

In doing so, dimensions of their world combine with our’s, enriching both beyond imagination.

Approaching and interacting with “horses” can be natural and easy, without human-made techniques and equipment.

But, for this, you must be willing for everything to change…

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